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Q. My local health food shop does not stock your products, where can I buy them from?
A. Check our "where to buy" page and find your local distributor. Alternatively you can email us at

Q. Are Salus products GMO free?
A. Yes, all Salus products are free from genetically modified organisms.

Q. Is Floradix suitable for diabetics?
A. Floradix is generally considered to be suitable for diabetics but the following information should be taken into account:
Carbohydrates; 2.45g/10ml
100ml contains 2 BU (bread units)
10ml contains 0.2 BU
1 BU = 12g of glucose
20ml (daily intake) contains 4.8 grams of glucose.

Q. Can I drink tea/coffee at the same time as taking Floradix/Floravital?
A. Black tea or coffee contain tanning agents which will inhibit the absorption of the iron content, thus reducing the efficacy of the product. However, herbal teas containing vitamin C can help in iron absorbtion so they can be taken at the same time as Floradix/ Floravital.

Q. Can I take Floradix or Floravital at the same time as other Salus supplements?
A. Floradix or Floravital should be taken at separate times to other supplements as the iron absorption would be reduced by other products.