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Iron & Pregnancy


Vibrant Health Begins with Iron-Rich Blood

Chapped lips, brittle hair, constant fatigue and palpitations are not on a prospective mum's wish list. They are however, some of the tell-tale signs of an iron deficiency, which is common among pregnant women.

If the supply of iron is inadequate it will lead to a lack of oxygen and nutrients in the blood, and will consequently weaken the whole body.

This time tested, non-constipating and well-known liquid iron and vitamin formula helps prevent iron deficiency.

Why does your body need iron? Because the body is constantly making new red blood cells through a complex process that requires a daily supply of iron. It can, be difficult to absorb enough iron for you and your growing baby from a balanced diet alone, particularly if you have an iron deficiency, as you need a lot of iron rich foods to correct it. This is where Floradix can really help.

Floradix contains organic iron gluconate, and its easy absorption into the body is enhanced by vitamins C and B complex, herbal extracts and fruit juice concentrates. The special blend of ingredients in Floradix means that it's easy to digest and the unpleasant side effects of many iron preparations, such as constipation are avoided.

Always consult your GP or midwife before taking a supplement

Some Of The Symptoms Of Iron Deficiency Are:

- Fatigue and general lack of energy

- Decreased ability to concentrate

- Decreased endurance during exercise

- Increased frequency of infection

- Ridges along the fingernails

- Paleness and/or dark circles under the eyes

Are You Low In Iron?

Iron is one of the most commonly deficient nutrients in our diets, affecting as any 40% of the world's population, according to the World Health Organisation.

The recommended daily intake of iron for women lies between 14 and 20 mg and while we can get some of the iron we need from food, the average consumption of dietary iron is only 6 mg per 1000 calories.

However when a women becomes pregnant, her need for iron increases up to 27 mg per day, which can be very difficult to extract from diet alone.

This means that the majority of women are not getting enough dietary iron and may experience positive benefits by taking Floradix a unique liquid supplement, which may be effective in bringing iron stores back to normal.

Keep Energy Levels Up By Boosting Your Iron Intake -
And Enjoy This Special Time.

Iron is needed to make haemoglobin, the chemical that transports oxygen in the blood. A range of stressful symptoms can indicate a deficiency, but severe cases can lead to anaemia, total exhaustion and a weakened immune system.

A healthy, balanced diet with iron-rich foods will provide most of the iron you need during pregnancy. This should include lean meats; pulses such as peas, beans and lentils; fruits such as prunes, apricots and raisins; and dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach.

It can, be difficult to absorb enough iron for you and your growing baby from a balanced diet alone, particularly if you an iron deficiency, as you need a lot of iron rich foods to correct it.

This is where Floradix can really help.

Floradix: A Quality Iron Supplement

Floradix is a unique, liquid supplement, that has been formulated to be an excellent source of iron without the risk of excess iron storage.

Floradix contains organic iron (II) from ferrous gluconate, vitamins B2, B6, B12 and C which contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue and to normal energy-yielding metabolism. In addition, iron contributes to normal red blood cell formation, supported by vitamins B6 and B12, and haemoglobin formation.

Easy-To-Digest Liquid Solution

The average person's body will only dissolve and absorb 20% of most solid supplements and will eliminate the remaining 80% possibly causing side effects such as constipation, gas and bloating. Because Floradix is a liquid solution, it does not require dissolving, and can also make more contact with absorption sites faster than a solid counterpart.

Absorption Rates

- Iron (metallic) 0.5 - 2 %

- Ferrous lactate 6.0 - 10 %

- Ferrous carbonate 6.0 - 11 %

- Ferrous sulphate 12.0 - 16 %

- Ferrous chloride 12.0 - 20 %

- Ferrous gluconate 17.0 - 25 %

Iron For Life

Iron is needed daily in order for your body to grow and function and is required in varying amounts throughout the stages of your life. Research has also shown us that declining iron stores are responsible for numerous health concerns:

- Decreased fertility has been linked to low iron stores.

- Before and during pregnancy low iron can be responsible for improper placenta development and occurrences of pre-term and low birth weight babies.

- In infants and children low iron can cause inadequate production of red blood cells needed for growth.

- In toddlers and school-aged children iron deficiency can cause poor learning, memory and behavioural problems as well a developmental delays.

- From the ages of around 15 to 55 the cycle of menstruation, pregnancy & lactation increases the need for iron.

Information on this site is not intended to diagnose or treat any health condition. We recommend that if you are pregnant, nursing, have a medical condition or are currently taking medication that you seek advice from a health professional before you take any dietary supplement. Always read the product directions before use and do not exceed the recommended intake.