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Organic Farming


The Salus Organic Farm In Chile

By 1986 Salus was utilising many medicinal herbs from Eastern European countries. Then came the devastating environmental disaster of Chernobyl - and with it the realisation that it will be increasingly difficult to obtain ecological raw materials in Europe.

The only possible solution at that time was to cultivate our own medicinal plants - outside of Europe. The search for a suitable growing area was difficult, but in 1991 we stumbled upon a true paradise in southern Chile. And so began a ground-breaking project; the building and fostering of ecologically sound herb farms in southern Chile. With persistence, enthusiasm and a wealth of ideas, the Salus organic farms developed into model businesses both ecologically and socially.

Our Herb Garden Of Eden

Southern Chile offers the ideal conditions for the cultivation of medicinal plants. The Andes forms a natural barrier to Argentina, and provides favourable climatic conditions. There are no nuclear power plants or heavy industrial sites and only low volume traffic. The water and air are still remarkably free of pollutants and adding to this pristine environment, the south of Chile has soils that have never been farmed intensively.

In fact, around the entire perimeter of the organic farm, there's not a single farmer using chemical pesticides.

The farm is situated in the province of Araucaria and now covers a total area of 600 hectares. The crystal clear water is supplied by the glaciers of the Villarica volcano in infinite quantities. With the principles of the EU organic regulation always at the forefront of our farming practice, we have over 100 medicinal plants and herbs growing and even cultivate endangered plants such as the yellow gentian.

The Salus Group has even has initiated a species protection and resource extraction program that works in harmony with nature and deliberately strives to assist the natural genetic diversity of the environment. This ensures that not only the current generation benefits from the marvellous healing properties of medicinal herbs, but also means preserving it for future generations.

For people in Araucaria, Salus has been a godsend. In addition to healthy workplace, there are world-class organic standards in the field. And we take great pride in the fact that we have been acknowledged as a popular demonstrative field for students of agricultural schools.

The Salus Group is truly a philanthropic company who also promotes special projects around the world, such as the Jatamansi root cultivation by small farmers in Nepal, organic black tea production in Asia, the medicinal herb cultivation in West Africa and the Devil's Claw breeding in Namibia. Purchase agreements guarantee the locals a secure income.