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Quality Controls


Protection of the environment and quality products are just empty words if we do not continually invest in their implementation: modern production technology, comprehensive control and testing systems, training and education, innovative research, expert sales staff. The goal of all this is the continuous improvement and further development of the product range.

The entire range of Floradix products are the result of our efforts and all our abilities. We reject the use of genetic engineering of food out of principle. Our products are developed in accordance with organic farming, ecological commitment, sustainability, biodiversity, social responsibility and also provides training courses for future generations.

The most famous product within the Salus range is the award-winning Floradix, a delicious tonic rich in iron. It helps to relieve iron deficiency in people whose diets are lacking in iron, in women who are pregnant or lactating, or in general where people have been diagnosed with anaemia.

And it's because of our quality that the Floradix range has spread far across the world. Approximately 40% of total production is nowadays intended for export to over 60 countries around the world. As such, all products by Salus - even the food - is tested according to the strictest criteria and European laws.

Our Supplier Is Nature

A drug or food is only as good as the raw materials that it contains. This is our underlying philosophy and is critical to the ongoing quality of our products. That's why we place great importance on the careful selection of raw materials that stem from controlled organic cultivation. Organic farming not only promotes soil fertility, but also protects the water, promotes biodiversity and reduces the environmental impact. And in addition to this, we stand firm against genetic engineering.

When it comes to health, only the best is good enough so we place the same strict standards on our processing of raw materials that we do on the selection of ingredients. A lesser known fact is that Salus' own standards are well above the statutory provisions. Thus all Salus products are produced according to strict pharmaceutical manufacturing rules.

As soon as we receive our raw materials, they are placed in a pressure chamber where the herbs are treated with carbon dioxide from natural sources and high pressure. This frees the herbs of any pests without using a single chemical. They are then sorted, cut, cleaned and sieved and in many cases, we employ an additional hand selection team to remove any unnecessary portion of nature.

Everything Is Under Control

Salus is a company that is committed to quality, and as such we must be willing to review our own work. Therefore, we have a widespread quality assurance system that each of our products must pass through before they ever go on sale. This means that the finished products, including all raw materials are accurately checked and validated before leaving our plant.

Overall, there are five different levels of control:

- Commodity inspection in receiving
- Residue testing
- Active substance content controls during the individual production steps
- Microbiological laboratory controls
- Final inspection of the finished products

Our laboratories employ the most advanced analytical methods available. This is your personal guarantee that the prescribed active substance content outlined in the European Pharmacopoeia are adhered to in all our medicines.

The processing of the herbs is constantly monitored for hygiene, quantity and other quality indicators by people (e.g. hand sorting) and by machines (e.g. electronic monitoring systems which prevent misidentification or mixing of ingredients). Each step is seamlessly documented, and we can step in at any time (in-process control).

As you can see, we run a complex yet comprehensive quality control process that ensures the best possible guarantee of the product and environmental standards. The entire Floradix range of Salus products is uncomplicated and reliable.